every fairytale needs a good old-fashioned villain

hi! hope college is going well for you so far! hate to ask at risk of being super annoying but do you have any idea when we can expect a hr update?
asked by Anonymous

honestly, nope! sorry! 

a little update:

  • i am back at college right now for training, i’m going to be an RA this year and that means LOTS of training this week and next week. i think we will have an HR update for you tomorrow, but i’m not 100% certain
  • in two weeks, when regular classes start, i’ll be available for updates much more often!!! :) love ya you’re all fabulous
Oh wow I just discovered this Fic and I'm a few chapters in I love it so far!
asked by Anonymous

ah thank you! hope you enjoy it!!!

i can just imagine archie and elsea singing how deep is your love together HAhahaAH
asked by Anonymous

killin it

Okay can I just say I've been following your fic forever and I just wow I actually feel like I'm at a book signing or something I'm so nervous I don't know what to say? I'm a huge fan and I came back from my dad's house (he doesn't have wifi) to see that you had up dated and this is embarrassing but I actually cried... That happened... But I'm a [[huge]] fan and I honestly don't know how to tell you how much I love your writing like jesus christ
asked by officialhydra

omg stop it i’m not that lovely thank you so much this is really really lovely. i super appreciate it thank you darling <3

I found high rollers when the second chapter went up and I kept reading and now I really regret it because it's gonna be one of those fics that will leave me numb and empty after I finish it bc nothing will compare and I'm in WAY TOO DEEP
asked by Anonymous

wow this is really sweet, thank you so much :)))))))

we’re so glad ppl are enjoying HR because it is our BABY

if they didn't have to wear their uniforms what would Archie/Elsea/Remus wear (like modern day clothes)
asked by Anonymous

archie is probably like dressing like michael kelso from 70s show, uk ugly polo things and t-shirts w/ stripes

we did a post of elsea outifts once but she wears a lot of brown calfskin and flowy skirts and earth tones !!!

but anya is like COLORFUL classic 70s. shit loads of red and awful sweaters and chunky heels and lots of hair clips, flare jeans w/ flower patches

is elsea like classically beautiful or plain or pretty like what do most people think when they first see her
asked by Anonymous

she’s definitely strikingly beautiful, she has high cheekbones and like a natural pout… but she mostly looks pissed off all the time

they think “damn” and also REMUS IS A LUCKY BITCH

I love how Archie is a pure blood and super rich and cocky and good looking yet two of his best friends, anya and elsea, are muggle borns like that's why I love him

he’s a lovely guy <3

like ok objectively we all know that anya/archie are endgame BUT hypothetically what do u think it would take for anya to get w sirius?
asked by saintslucia

endgame is no certain thing my friend! :)

but i think that honestly anya is the Gossip Queen and she knows so much about sirius and his sexual escapades that he’d either have to do something really lovely to prove his dedication or tbh archie would have had to do something to turn her off/disappoint her so bad that her love would fade/she would be in a dark place !!! poor sirius fuck

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