i see there's a bunch of fc drama going around the 1dff community again, i know you've spoken up about how you regret your past anger about people using your fcs.... do you still feel that way or do you think that if say one of your high rollers readers used vika as their fc for a marauders fic that would be theft/annoying/whatever??? — Anonymous

lol fc drama…yeah i do still regret that whole “UR USING ELSA HOSK??? WTF” drama i had in the first year of my 1dff exploits. though, granted about 3 of those people who did use elsa were plagiarizing sleepyhead. and YEAh it’s sort of frustrating because you think “why can’t you just find another god damn model there are thousands of them”

but at the same time…

for me, the model isn’t exactly how my character looks. i’m not the sort of writer who looks for a model and then bases her characters looks on her. i think that’s lazy, cop-out writing that doesn’t allow you to develop someone who has noticeable faults and things about them that don’t fit the “model” mold. for example, i never thought lucy really looked much like valerie van der graaf, but she fit the lucy mold out of the best models/fc options i could find. just going through model agencies and picking a girl and then naming her and creating a story is just only about how the coolest, prettiest new model so you can use her pics for edits and banners and reblogs and that takes away from what all of those should really be about, which is the writing. fc-ing can be fun but it distracts from actually opening up word or docs and writing. 

in high rollers, elsea is a beautiful, intense looking girl but she also LOOKS like a 17/18 year old girl, not a drop-dead runway fashion model. she’s hot, yes, but she’s not perfect. remus is good looking but he’s not robbie wadge hot. the only characters in HR that i reckon are like drop dead model gorgeous are archie or sirius. 

sorry, i’m rambling. but yeah, i think fc drama is dumb.

chill pill is amazing — Anonymous

chill pill? omg throwback 

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if u can’t imagine ur otp on a long road trip together with no set destination in mind with things happening like their car breaking down at one point or stopping at a store to argue over what snacks to buy and taking turns driving while the other rests and checking into a little inn or hotel on the way and pulling off to just chill and look at the sky together do u really ship it

jordan and i just finished the first draft of the next chapter of high rollers and let me tell u